General Tariq Khan Message On Propaganda Against Army Chief


General Tariq Khan message on propaganda against army chief. A message to enemies of Pakistan within Pakistan.

"For sometime I have been watching the nonsense being spewed out on the social media from some quarters ever since the new COAS has taken over. I have alse heard that the ISPR was at pains to explain the Chief's position. Ordinarily, I do not post things about the COAS because he shall always be above and beyond comments, criticism and observations by people such as I. Our unqualified rants, advice and suggestions are irrelevant in the real world where the Chief of this Army is already practically manifesting his deliberations in securing our country as best as he can and there are no two ways about this. Nevertheless, I have decided to speak out against the venemous propoganda that has been unleashed against our Chief. Being a soldier and a comrade, I resent this. The ISPR does not have to give any clarifications or explanations. Over the years, I never knew what was the line of faith of the Chief and I never cared because it never mattered. What mattered was who was Qamar Javed Bajwa and the one that I knew, I would have been proud to be associated with, regardless of him being a Hindu, Jew or Christian. Anyhow, since this controversy has arisen, I took pains to see what it was all about and for the information of all those narrow minded bigots, misinformed self acclaimed protectors of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, General Bajwa is exactly what we other sinners are, muslim by belief and by faith though it never mattered even if he was not. Being a muslim in any case is no guarantee that one is a symbol of piety, honour, character and courage. We have our Mir Jaffers and Hussain Haqqanis; if you wish to see the biggest contradiction to our constitution, go to the parliament where you will find all shades of cheats, liars, thieves, rascals and rogues who hide behind the facade of Islam and call themselves Muslims. So these jackals who are baying into the wind, let me warn you, we the veterans of this Army shall not wait for article 6 to be triggered against you, you wont find a hole deep enough to hide the next time we hear such a defamation against our Chief. Those veterans who stand by me on this matter please share this far and wide."


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